Pam Ofri

Pamela Ofri

Wakefern Food Corporation
Inducted 2024

Pam Ofri, Senior Director of Own Brands at Wakefern Food Corp., exemplifies a private brand champion with her remarkable expertise in overseeing comprehensive brand development across 4000 SKUs and three brands. Her passion for Wakefern’s Own Brand sets her apart and is demonstrated through her innovative team motivation and a commitment to setting industry standards, not just following them. Pam introduced transformative ideas when hosting three Innovation Summits and significantly boosted in-store sales by 25% in one quarter and achieved a 93% consumer satisfaction rate based on their item designs. Her approach has revolutionized the private brand sector, shifting from a traditional private label mindset to a unique brand identity. As one of the few female procurement leaders in a diverse organization, Pam successfully challenged the misconception that private label products are inferior and has repositioned them as essential, high-quality options, appealing to modern consumers and proving them instrumental in differentiating brands in a competitive market. 

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