Mohan Valluri

Alamance Foods Inc
Inducted 2024

Mohan Valluri is Vice President of Sales and R&D at Alamance Foods Inc. His leadership is characterized by a judicious blend of his passion for private brands and a drive for technological advancements. Mohan has been instrumental in steering product development towards sustainable growth within the organization and he has spearheaded the introduction of both dairy and vegan flavored whipped creams and cold foams for private labels by blending tradition with innovation. This strategic and innovative move tapped into diverse consumer preferences, bolstered brand distinctiveness, and cemented Alamance as a versatile trendsetter in the competitive private brand landscape. As a next generation private label leader, Mohan understands manufacturing processes and has an open mind regarding category innovation opportunities through new technology, automation, AI and data analytics. In addition, Mohan contributes his fresh perspective on the importance of connecting with consumers via social media, ecommerce outlets and events to promote the company and its private brands.

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