Store Brand 'Beauty' is Booming

Fittingly, store brands are looking better in Beauty. The Beauty Department grew 10.5% in dollar sales in 2023 vs. 2022, according to Tom’s Data Dive by Tom Prendergast, PLMA’s Director of Research Services. The analysis is based on store brand sales numbers in the PLMA/Circana Unify+ data portal.

Eye shadow grew 109.7% in dollar sales and 53.9% in units; Lipstick, up 67.8% in dollar sales, 60.7% in units; and Perfumes & Cologne/Body Powder rose 274.8% in dollar sales and 95.5% in units. Facial Moisturizers grew 56.9% in private label dollar sales and 33.1% in units, while Liquid Body Washes grew 42.8% in dollars and 15.2% in units.