Research firms IRI, NPD rebrand as Circana

Circana logo

Information Resources Inc. (IRI) and The NPD Group unveiled a new combined company name and brand identity: Circana.

Circana is a leading advisor on the complexity of consumer behavior, the firm said. Through technology, analytics, cross-industry data, and expertise, Circana provides clarity that helps clients take action and unlock business growth. The two companies agreed to a merger in August of 2022.

IRI is also a partner with PLMA providing complementary online market data to PLMA members and retailers via its Unify data portal.

“We are proud to begin this new chapter together as Circana, a name that conveys our 360-degree, full-circle understanding of the consumer and market, and our unique ability to bring clients a complete view of the consumer, store and wallet,” said Kirk Perry, president and chief executive officer, Circana. “In today’s dynamic global retail and media environment, our value proposition has never been stronger. Circana is undeniably best positioned to advise the world’s leading brands and retailers across almost every industry on how to identify opportunity, ignite innovation and grow well into the future.”

Leveraging the data and expertise of its heritage firms, Circana tracks millions of products spanning more than 2,000 categories across more than 500,000 stores in 20 countries, the company said, with insights powered by technology platform Liquid Data. Today, Circana advises almost 7,000 brands and retailers worldwide, it said.

“The combination of IRI and NPD created a category of one. In the months since the merger, we have demonstrated—for our clients and for our team—the immense value of bringing our firms together,” said Tod Johnson, chairman of Circana’s board of directors. “Moving forward with a unified name and brand signifies that Circana is committed to delivering on the full value of our powerful combination for all of our stakeholders, with a relentless focus on innovation and growth.”