Private Label in US Produced Record-Setting Sales

In 2023, own brands continued to be the brightest light in US grocery food and nonfood. 

Unit sales were nominally even, off by only 0.1%, compared to national brands which shed 2.8%. Own brand unit share came in at 20.7%, an improvement of 0.5 points from 2022 and setting a record. Dollar sales rose by 4.7%, compared to a gain of 3.4% for national brands. Own brand dollar share moved up to 18.9%, ahead 0.2 points from 2022, likewise a new high. 

In arguably the most important metric, annual private label dollar sales moved ahead to $236.3 billion, an increase of $10.1 billion from the previous year and establishing another all-time mark.

Private label in the US is on a four-year winning streak. Compared to 2019, annual dollar sales in 2023 increased by $60.2 billion, a gain of 34%. Own brand dollar share rose 1.2 points to a record 18.9%. During the same period, Private label unit sales were ahead by 500 million and unit share improved 0.8 points to 20.7%, also a new high,

The data comes from PLMA's just-released 2024 US Private Label Report, now available here.