In Overwhelming Numbers, Dutch Consumers Prefer Private Label

Research by MSI consultants shows that 70% of Dutch households have bought more private label in supermarkets. Some 78% are as satisfied with the private label as with the A-brand, 17% is even more satisfied with the private label. Because taste and quality are at least as good as the A-brand and much money is saved, going back to A-brands is no option for 90% of the respondents.

The top 5 categories in which consumers say they will change to private label are cleaning products, salty bread spreads, sweet bread spreads, confectionery and snacks.

Of the study's participants, 18 percent say they haven’t bought anything but private label in the past six months, and 52 percent have partially switched. In addition, 16 percent of the remaining part of the respondents say that they have always bought predominantly private label. Only 9 percent say they barely bought private label products six months ago and still do not do so. More than half of the Dutch shoppers expect to save at least 15 percent per week on the costs of groceries now that more private label products end up in the shopping cart.