Nearly half of Europeans say they eat less meat

Woman with Produce No Meat

A European survey conducted by NGO ProVeg International in partnership with Innova Market Insights, the University of Copenhagen, and Ghent University, has shown a “significant shift towards plant-based eating” across the continent.

In the survey among 7,500 consumers in ten European countries, 46% of Europeans reported that they eat less meat today than they did a year ago. 39% intend reducing their meat consumption (e.g. beef, pork, chicken) in the next six months.

Some 28% of European consumers intend reducing their dairy product consumption (e.g. milk, yoghurt, cheese) and 26% of European consumers intend to increase their consumption of plant-based dairy products in the next six months.

Overall, 30% of participants identify as flexitarian. The Netherlands (42%) and Romania (40%) had the highest share of flexitarians. 7% of the total sample are plant-based eaters (vegan & vegetarians).