Marionnaud launches customable private label cosmetic

Marionnaud Store Front

French cosmetics and perfumery specialist retailer Marionnaud has launched a private label offering called Skin Shades in selected stores in Italy. In order to respond to consumers’ demand for personalised products, the retailer teamed up with technology company Trigenex. The latter developed AI technology which analyzes customers’ skin type via a small lipstick-sized scanner run on parts of their face and neck. In combination with personal preferences with regard to coverage, moisture level, texture and finish, the system develops a personalised foundation formulation within seconds. Then, a compact blending machine in the stores, which has all the individual ingredients, creates the final product from scratch in less than four minutes.

In addition to the benefits of quickly providing an individual and unique product for its customers, the system also reduces waste, energy consumption and carbon footprint during shipments. Marionnaud plans to roll out Skin Shades to its stores in France later this year and to other markets in 2022.