Lidl advances in Digital and Vegan


In the UK, Lidl has launched a new feature in its loyalty scheme app aimed at helping customers avoid crowds and easing shopper numbers throughout the day. The app shows a bar chart indicating how busy the shop is during each trading hour of that day and is updated in real time.

Lidl Poland is equipping its stores with Electronic Shelf Labels. The labels are being tested in one store and will soon be rolled out to all 700 stores.

Lidl uses its loyalty app to provide women in Ireland with free menstrual items every month. In this way, the discounter wants to tackle the issue of "Period Poverty."

In Portugal, Lidl has launched its first exclusive certified vegan wine, Indelével Tinto, from the Alentejo region.

Lidl Germany launched a new umbrella brand: Vemondo. The new own brand will combine around 450 items in the vegetarian and vegan segment.