JD.com’s Ochama Expands in Europe

Ochama JD Logo

Ochama, part of Chinese e-commerce giant JD.com, started in Europe with the launch of two physical stores in The Netherlands one year ago. In the meantime, the company has been quietly expanding across the border and the website and app are now available for customers in nine countries. The retailer sells a mix of groceries, electronics, cosmetics, clothing, as well as home & living products and toys.

Upon its start in The Netherlands, it had put its bet on high-tech robotized pick-up shops, with four locations where customers could come and collect their online orders. Currently, three of the four shops have been closed and the Dutch CEO has left. The company is now controlled directly from China and is apparently changing its course. The new approach is a cooperation with third party pick-up points and home delivery.

In the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Germany, the retailer has found partners, store (chains) that act as a takeaway point. In these countries, customers can order fresh and frozen food in addition to Ochama’s regular offer. In Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Luxembourg, only home delivery is available, which excludes fresh and frozen food orders.