Amazon Private Labels Face congressional scrutiny

Amazon Platform Bill

A new bill introduced in Congress could result in dramatic changes to Amazon’s private brands program. The bill is called the “Ending Platform Monopolies Act.” It is one of five bills Congress has introduced targeting Big Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Apple.

If the bipartisan bill becomes law, Amazon may have to split in two or shed their private label products, according to published reports. The bill could make Amazon separate into two websites, one for its third-party marketplace and a second devoted to its 185,000 private brand products.

If approved, and if Amazon does not create this separation, the company could be asked to remove its private label products altogether. The bill could also impact Amazon’s Alexa, Fire, Ring, and Kindle divisions as well.

Presently the Amazon bill, as well as the other 4 bills, are being reviewed by the House Judiciary Committee.