PLMA Live! News Desk: New Dates, Same Great Private Label Trade Show

PLMA’s highly anticipated Private Label Trade Show is still on - just two months later than originally planned. It will take place in-person Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, 2022, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Chicago. PLMA Vice President Anthony Aloia shares all the details of this can’t-miss event. Plus, PLMA's Salute to Excellence Awards have honored retailers for more than 30 years for innovation in store brands. Get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the products that were entered into the competition. Click here to view video.

PLMA Live! Interview: Board Chair Discusses New PLMA Study on $100B SNAP Market

PLMA Chairperson Clay Dockery explains the role a new PLMA study on SNAP recipients can play in increasing sales of store brands in this $100 billion market. Hosted by PLMA Live!’s Joe Azzinaro. Click here for video.

News Desk: Kitchenware and Health & Wellness Trends to be Unveiled at PLMA's Private Label Trade Show

People are cooking and baking more. They’re looking for new kitchen tools and appliances to bring their recipes to life. Carol Angrisani explains how retailers are responding. Plus, Dollar General hires a chief medical officer...Sprouts sponsors the MyFitnessPal app...CVS launches more better-for-you foods. Moves like these show that retailers are getting more strategic with their health and wellness initiatives. Graham Leary reports. Click here for video.

Monthly Interview: New Study Reveals Role of Private Label

Private brands are a significant driver of trust in a retailer, according to “Brand Ambition: Food and Beverage Private Brands & Beyond,” a new report from consumer research firm The Hartman Group. Shelley Balanko, Ph.D., Hartman's Senior Vice President, discusses these and other study findings with PLMA Live!’s Carol Angrisani. Click here for video.

PLMA Live! News Report: Retailers Expand Foodservice Operations

How to Become a Foodservice Destination

Changing consumer behavior has boosted demand for prepared foods that take the guesswork out of meal prep. Find out how supermarkets are responding in this exclusive PLMA Live! report from Maureen Donoghue. Click here for video.

PLMA Live! News Desk: Excitement Growing Over Return to Chicago
PLMA Live! Interview: Industry Analyst Shares Retail Outlook

NPD's Darren Seifer discusses his predictions for the post-pandemic retail market. Hear what he has to say about food as medicine, eating at home, sustainability and e-commerce. All this and more in this month’s PLMA Live! exclusive interview with host Joe Azzinaro. Click here to watch video.

Kitchenware at PLMA's 2021 Private Label Trade Show

Consumers are cooking more family meals and entertaining their friends more at home. Cookware and bakeware are an integral part of that changing domestic lifestyle and retailers in grocery and other channels are adding store brand SKUs for a wide array of kitchen essentials, tools and gadgets to meet the growing demand.

Trends to Spot at the Private Label Trade Show

PLMA’s Private Label Trade Show is the place to discover the latest innovations in foodservice, beauty, health & wellness, pet care, and more. Carol Angrisani has the full list of categories that will be in the spotlight at the show, November 14-16 in Chicago. Plus, Maureen Donoghue reports on the pampered pet. Graham Leary analyzes the plant-based market. Click here to view video on

Sustainable Packaging at PLMA's 2021 Private Label Trade Show

Shoppers love packaging convenience and portable packaging for food on-the-go, but they also want what's good for the environment, including source reduction, fewer plastics, more recycled materials and newer sustainable technologies.