Food & Beverage Section
The Food and Beverage Phenomenon

The exhibit floor at PLMA's 2023 "THE STORE BRANDS PHENOMENON" Annual Private Label Trade Show is akin to the aisles of your local supermarket, drug chain or mass merchandiser. Nearly every major category is on display for the thousands of visitors and buyers. With more than $115 billion in sales in the U.S., and up 32% over the previous year, it’s no surprise food and beverages are among the major highlights at the show and the fastest growing phenomenon in store brands.

Buyers visiting the show can taste, touch, and experience the latest trends and store brand product innovation in the industry. Some key categories and trends buyers will be looking for at the show include:

Children’s Food and Snacks category has exploded with health and socially conscious parents seeking nutritious yet kid-pleasing snacks and meals. Award-winning private label snacks including chips made with organic seaweed, brain-boosting veggies molded into toddler-sized puffs, organic snack bars and clean-label, sustainable drinks are just a few of the popular products trending not only with parents but with kids, too.

Plant-based, Healthy and Dietary conscious food and beverages in a wide range of categories is what consumers have come to expect from their local retailer. Whether it’s high-protein or low-sugar snacks, legume pasta, vegan entrees, plant-based meat products or healthy and functional drinks, shoppers are looking for a variety of options.

Wines and Spirits – including alcohol-free – is growing in popularity among adult consumers. From cabernet wine to ready-to-drink ‘mocktails’, retailers own brands spirits and cocktail mixes in creative packaging are increasingly in demand at club and warehouse stores, discounters, and other traditional retail outlets.

Flavors and Ingredients are evolving with American consumers’ healthier mindset and more global demographics. The combination of regional, international, and exotic flavors is becoming common place on retailers’ shelves along with plant-based and wellness-promoting ingredients included in products such as pasta, snacks and nutritional supplements. keeps the industry on the cutting edge of development and consistently provides retailers an assortment of products.

Pet Foods and Treats is a $4.5 billion private label category that has clearly expanded beyond the basics over the past few years. The category has grown to include such things as meals designed for aging pets, hip and joint treats, pet-friendly bone broth, eco-conscious chews, supplements with wellness attributes, training treats and toys for dogs, cats and other creatures.

Foodservice and Restaurant quality meals is a growing category as consumers continue to look for convenience with fresh prepared, deli and upscale prepared meal options. The post-pandemic consumer demand for food service is surging as they seek restaurant quality meals without the price tag of dining out. With today’s shoppers putting more focus on meal planning options, supermarkets, wholesale clubs and other retail vendors are increasingly relying on private label options to keep pace with this growing trend.