Here's an Opportunity For You to Catch Up

If you're a regular visitor to this site you know store brand sales are up double digits so far this year, twice the growth of national brands.

Why? Store brands are widely recognized by American shoppers as a dependable ally against persistent inflation and other financial pressures. And retailers and their store brands have been responsive to consumers who are increasingly interested in how products are made, from their raw ingredients and holistic attributes to their sustainability in manufacture, use and disposal.

Come to PLMA’s 2022 Annual Private Label Trade Show in Chicago, learn more about these and other emerging trends as well as products, practices and people you may have missed since our last in-person show.  We hope you’ll engage in what we call our annual treasure hunt. Feel, touch, smell, test -- experience! -- firsthand all the great store brands on the show floor. 

Thousands of exhibitors from around the world will be offering high quality and innovation in every aisle. The South Hall is devoted to health and beauty, household goods, kitchenware and general merchandise; food, snacks, beverages, refrigerated and frozen are featured in the North, South and Sky Halls.  

For information on exhibiting or to register as a buyer or visitor, click on the menu at the left or call +1 212 972-3131 or e-mail