Carrefour Brings its Brazilian Hard Discounter to France

After a delay of over a year, Carrefour’s Brazilian chain Atacadão is arriving in France. The Carrefour franchise will open on 20 June in Aulnay-sous-Bois. The Atacadão chain is interesting because it is a true hard discounter, with no-frills stores and products on pallets sold at knock-down prices, between 10 and 15% less than in other supermarkets.

The first store in France measures an area of 10,000 square meters and will carry up to 15,000 SKUs. It targets both professionals and end consumers. Carrefour has had to overcome objections from municipalities and other players in the field that stalled the launch in France, announced some one and a half years ago.

In Brazil, the chain counts no fewer than 250 stores and is immensely popular among consumers. The retailer says that in France, it wants to adapt the format to the more sophisticated French clientele. Amongst others, there will be more emphasis on fresh products and a special organic department.