Private Brand Dollar Sales Rise 9%

PB Growth from IRI 9.1%

The strong year for store brands continues. According to IRI’s latest statistics, during the first four months of 2022 store brands increased by 7.4% in dollar sales. By comparison, national brands were up 5.1%.

In April alone, store brand sales were up 9.1%; in March, they were ahead 8.7%, in February up 6.7%, and in January dollar sales rose 4.9%. In April, store brands gains were more than double that of national brands.

In April, 14 of 18 departments showed store brand dollar growth and the strongest advances came from three departments: Refrigerated, up 15.9%; Liquor, 15.8%; and beverages, 15.2%.

Double digit growth was found in six other departments: Deli Prepared (13.7%), General Food (13.1%), Produce (12.1%), Deli Meat (12.8%), Bakery (12.4%) and Frozen (10.8%). Meanwhile, Total store (9.1%), Meat (5.1%), Floral (4.1%) Deli Cheese (2.1%) and General Merchandise (0.4%) also increased. Sections with declines were Health (-0.4%), Beauty (-4.1%), Home Care (-6.3%) and Tobacco (-12.2%).

On average, for the first 4 months of 2022, overall dollar share came in at 18.2%, for store brands in all the major channels, per IRI. Overall unit sales were an average of 20% for the same period.

While unit sales continue to decline for all brands, store brands are faring better. In April, national brands sustained a 4.0% decrease from a year ago, while private brands came in only at -1.0%. For the first 4 months of the year, private brands recorded a -2.3% unit loss, national brands experienced a -3.5% drop.

The most recent statistics are available for members at at the IRI Unify portal. Members can also find information not only on overall monthly private brand growth but also from 317 categories and 967 subcategories, as well as statistics from 18 departments.

PLMA’s 2022 Private Label Report, which is available to all, highlights private brand sales statistics for 2021 and can be downloaded from under “About the Industry / Research, Reports and Publications.”