Changed Shopping Habits


New research from YouGov’s “International FMCG report 2021: Consumer goods in a Crisis” provides an analysis of consumers’ attitudes to fast-moving goods across 17 global markets. The report is based on more than 18,000 interviews and explores how the COVID-19 crisis has affected the FMCG/CPG sector worldwide across a range of categories.

One of the findings is that between 44% and 83% of consumers across all markets agree their shopping habits have changed as a result of the pandemic. With regard to product categories that have gained importance, frozen foods stand out. Three in ten global consumers say they’ve been buying more frozen foods than before the pandemic. Cosmetics have struggled, with a third (32%) of consumers saying they are buying these items less than before. Over half (54%) of consumers intend to buy more sustainable products once the pandemic subsides.