Americans Still Like to Cook at Home

Family Cooking

A survey from Taste of Home shows that consumer attitudes about cooking at home and healthy eating are still popular.

The 2022 Cooking At Home Study shows there have been large shifts in the behaviors of people cooking at home over the past two years. This includes more experimentation to better meal planning to online grocery shopping. The Taste of Home report surveyed 4,000 people over the age of 18. 

In the study, 68% of respondents said they seek out healthy meals and quality ingredients, with 60% saying they cook at home five or more times a week. Another 81% of respondents said they enjoy cooking more now than prior to the pandemic.

Convenience is also important as 53% said they want more ways to make meal prep easier. This is especially true among younger cooks: 69% of Millennials said they wanted better ways to make meal preparations easier. Seeking new recipes is also popular as 62% of those surveyed said they were seeking new recipes more than they did six months ago.

For preparation, the Cooking At Home study found consumers said the optimal time to get dinner on the table is 31- 45 minutes. When asked what they liked or would like to improve about their current kitchens, 63% said storage and organization as their greatest aspiration while another 72% said they are currently pleased with their kitchen set up.