Genevieve Aronson

Genevieve Aronson 
Global Head of Thought Leadership, Content Strategy and Social Media at NielsenIQ

Genevieve Aronson is Nielsen IQ’s Global Head of Thought Leadership where she sits at the helm of Nielsen IQ global trends and insights. She brings close to 20 years of experience trend spotting and storytelling across the beauty, fashion, food, beverage, home and health space.







Sebastiaan Buchholtz
Senior Analytical Consultant at NielsenIQ

Sebastiaan Buchholtz is a Senior Analytical Consultant at NielsenIQ in Brussels and has been working at NielsenIQ for over 3 years. He holds MSc. Double Degree in Advanced International Business Management, Business Management from the University of Groningen.






Mike Jones

Mike Jones
VP Client Development, NielsenIQ BASES

Mike Jones is Senior Vice President of NielsenIQ BASES (the innovation measurement practice within NielsenIQ). In this role, he and his team provide C-level consultancy, strategic planning and SaaS solutions to FMCG and retailer clients.