Complementing the in-person trade show in November, we will offer PLMA Global, a three-day online event in January 2022. PLMA Global will allow buyers from around the world who could not travel to Chicago to connect with exhibitors through video calls, business card exchanges, and other state of the art communications tools. 

Members are invited to participate in PLMA Global via an online booth that showcases their products, promotional videos, downloadable files, company details, and more. This one-of-a kind event will bring together the largest collection ever of private label suppliers and retail buyers from around the world. Video conferencing tools, a meeting scheduler, and other digital features, will enable exhibitors to fully engage in a virtual environment. 

Buyers who visit the November 2021 show will also be able to use PLMA Global, so they can follow up with exhibitors they met or planned to meet. Plus, PLMA Global will remain fully accessible to all retailers and wholesalers through April 2022.