Tom’s Data Dive - Most Departments Show Private Label Growth

In the latest feature for PLMA’s e-Scanner, Editor-in-Chief Tom Prendergast examines PLMA’s exclusive IRI/Unify sales data. He examines the data to see which categories and products are showing growth and opportunities for PLMA members and retailers.

Attention to statistics often falls on specific products or categories but what is amazing about the spiking sales for private label are how all-encompassing they are with both food and non-food.

Over the past 52 weeks, 15 of the 17 departments which IRI report showed private label dollar growth. Seven of the categories had double digit dollar sales growth (beverages 16.1%, deli prepared 18.4%, refrigerated 12.9%, bakery 12.6%, produce 12%, liquor 17.4%, and floral 17.6%).

Another five departments had store brand growth above 5% (general food 9.8%, deli cheese 7,5%, deli meat 9.9%, frozen 7.1%, and meat 5.8%). The remaining categories, beauty, health, and general merchandise, all had growth between 1.6% and 2.8%. The two exceptions were home care (which dropped by -0.1%) and tobacco (which dropped -11.1%)

These growing departments show store brand growth is not limited to one section of the store or one type of category of products growing but both food and non-food products in each of the categories.

This trend of department growth also seems to be picking up steam. When looking at the IRI numbers for the past month of dollar sales (which ended October 2) all but tobacco showed store brand growth. In all according to IRI, nine categories grew over 10% with beverages (24.3% and refrigerated (18.2%) leading the way with general food (17.7%) and produce (14.2%) close behind. Even home care, where dollar sales dipped over the past 52 weeks, grew 0.6% in the past four weeks.

Private label growth has welcomed food and non-food products alike over the past 52 weeks and only seems to be strengthening. To find out more IRI Unify data is available to any PLMA member and can be found at where these department statistics or sales of 317 categories and 967 subcategories can be found.