CVS Bolsters Better-for-You Snack Assortment


In a major strategic move, CVS Health plans to expand selections of more than 100 frozen foods and over 140 better-for-you snacks. The added food choices are aimed at meeting popular dietary desires of consumers like gluten-free, certified organic and vegan products.  CVS stated that more than half of the nearly 250-item food product expansion will focus on healthy snacks and new flavor combinations. A major part of the new food choices will be organic, plant-based and have no added sugar. 

In a Harris Poll online survey conducted for CVS, 74% of more than 2,000 U.S. adults said their meal and/or snack habits had changed during the pandemic. Also, 67% of those surveyed who snack reported they are snacking at home more now, while 52% are purchasing better-for-you snacks and meal solutions.