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(Dakota, Ill.)óBerner Food and Beverage LLC, manufacturer of shelf-stable dairy-based food products and beverages, has appointed Todd Mullane Vice President of Private Label Sales. In his new position, Mullane will be responsible for developing annual strategic sales and marketing plans, as well as developing and implementing strategies to expand the existing Berner customer base. He will also be responsible for leading the sales, marketing, customer service and product development teams to accomplish both short- and long-term goals.


(Hayward, Calif.)ĖWisoman Foods is making its Artisan Purple Corn Non-GMO Tortilla available for private label. The tortilla is made with purple corn flour that is said to provide more antioxidant protection than blueberries. Wisoman Foods has tortillas in many varieties, including tomato basil, garden spinach, whole wheat, traditional flour, artisan yellow corn and Sun-Maid cinnamon raisin. For more information, including recipe information for each variety and flavor, visit


(Marion, Ohio)óRobert Sarlls has been appointed to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of Wyandot, Inc. Mr. Sarlls has been active in the food and beverages for over 20 years, most recently was a consultant to mid-sized food companies and food focused private equity firms with Food Strategies, LLC.  He replaces Nick R. Chilton, CEO, and Rex A. Parrott, President and COO, who announced their retirements earlier in the year. Both will remain on the Board of Directors and Mr. Sarlls will also join the board. ďWe have experienced significant growth over the last few years and we are confident in Robís ability to take Wyandot to the next level,Ē said Douglas W. Brown, Chairman of the Board.


(Westfield, Mass,)ĖProlamina Corp., a leading North American packaging company that serves the food, medical and specialty markets, celebrated breaking ground on a major renovation of its manufacturing facility here. The Westfield facility produces flexible packaging solutions from the most basic to the most technologically advanced multi-layer packaging substrate. Westfieldís 250,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility has been in operation for over 30 years. Although the building has seen improvements and renovations, until now, a refurbishment of this magnitude has never been done.  


(Fairport, N.Y.)óLiDestri Food & Beverage, has announced the purchase of a high-pressure processing (HPP) asset. LiDestri plans to install and operate a tolling operation at its Greece, N.Y. facility, under the name Finger Lakes Fresh Press. HPP is a method of food and beverage processing under which a product is subjected to elevated pressures to achieve microbial inactivation and to extend shelf life of refrigerated products. HPP can inactivate harmful food and beverage bacteria such as listeria, salmonella and E.coli. For consumers, HPP has advantages over traditional pasteurization processes that use heat. It retains the fresh characteristics of food and beverage products by avoiding thermal degradation, resulting in fresh taste, better nutrient retention and improved texture and appearance. ďWe are collaborating with various producers to identify food and beverage products that will benefit from HPP. Through this innovative approach, these companies will be able to offer customers great-tasting products and extended shelf life without the use of heat or chemical preservatives," said Frank Cavallaro, Vice President of Research and Development for LiDestri.


(Miami, Fla.)óTransnational Foods Inc., was named 2014 Vendor of the Year by Valu Merchandisers Co.  a subsidiary of Associated Wholesale Grocers, Kansas City, Kan., that offers general merchandising programs to retailers. VMC recognized Transnational Foods for its excellent customer service, expertise in marketing, and breadth of product assortment. ďWe are honored to receive the Vendor of the Year Award from Valu Merchandisers. The team here at Transnational Foods is particularly pleased we were recognized for our critical role in launching a tremendously successful program that has boosted sales while maintaining a 99% service level with more than 150 fast turning items,Ē said Marcelo Young, Chief Operating Officer, Transnational Foods.

Store brands growth continues says PLMA 2016 Yearbook

Store brands set new mark for sales in combined channels according to Nielsen

NEW YORK - Store brands sales reached $118.4 billion in 2015, an all-time record and an increase of +$2.2 billion over the previous year. In the past two years alone, annual sales are up +5%, or +$5.4 billion, in the major retail channels, according to PLMAís 2016 Private Label Yearbook.

Store brands dollar share came to 17.7%, also the highest mark ever. Across all outlets combined store brands sales grew +2%, a performance that equaled that of national brands, which also rose +2%.

In unit sales, both store brands and national brands were off fractionally, less than a half percentage point each. Unit sales of store brands were almost 44 billion, nominally on par with last year. As a result, store brand unit share held at 21.1%.

The PLMA Private Label Yearbook compiles sales data provided by Nielsen for the 52 weeks ending December 26, 2015. The industry annual has become the benchmarking standard for retailers and suppliers. Nielsen sales and market share statistics are reported for more than 700 food and nonfood product categories.

Looking at supermarkets, total sales of store brands were $62.5 billion, roughly even with the prior year. Over a two-year period, sales are up in the supermarket channel by +2%, or $1.1 billion. With unit share at 22.9%, nearly one of every four items sold in the countryís supermarkets last year was a store brand. As for drug chains, store brand dollar sales rose nearly a percentage point to $8.4 billion last year, while national brands fell about a point.

Figures for all outlets come from total U.S. supermarkets with annual sales over $2 million, drug chains with annual sales over $1 million, mass merchandisers, club and dollar store channels, and military exchanges.

Looking beyond these traditional outlets and the data available from Nielsen, a more comprehensive figure for annual store brand sales in food and non-food consumables would include an estimated $20 billion or more in revenues from chains that range from no-frills discounters like Aldi and Save-A-Lot, to specialty chains such as Whole Foods and Trader Joeís, as well as convenience stores. If counted, these outlets would produce a grand total approaching $140 billion in sales.

Even that total does not take into consideration store brand products sold by chains specializing in office supplies; hardware, tools and do-it-yourself; home improvement, home decor and domestic goods; consumer electronics, baby care, pet care, toys, personal care and sporting goods. These are just a few of the non-grocery retail channels that are marketing a growing variety of store brand items.

Store brands continue to represent outstanding value for consumers. Shoppers could save an estimated $44 billion a year by buying store brand products over national brands, according to a recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, while market basket research by PLMA consistently reveals that shoppers can save about one-third on basic food and household items in a typical supermarket by opting for the store brand over national brands.

The yearbook is published exclusively online, and access is free to PLMA member manufacturers, brokers and suppliers. Retailers and wholesalers can gain free access to the data and analysis, including new updates every quarter, by logging in at and following the prompts for Private Label Yearbook. PLMA members can access the online yearbook via PLMA's member services website at


For additional information on the growth of store brands or to schedule an interview with PLMA President Brian Sharoff, contact PLMAís press representative at (212) 972-3131, or email

Dean Erstad of Seneca Foods elected new PLMA Chairman

Executive committee and eleven others also elected to PLMA board of directors at 2016 annual meeting

NEW YORK, NY - Dean Erstad, Senior Vice President of Sales for Seneca Foods Corp., was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of PLMA. The election took place March 18 during the association's Annual Meeting and Leadership Conference in Miami, Florida.

Bill Lucia, General Manager, Inter-American Products, Inc., was elected to the position of First Vice Chairman, and Lisa Manzoline, Director, National Accounts for Reynolds Presto Products, Inc., was elected to the Second Vice Chairman post.

Five individuals were elected to the Board for three-year terms from 2016-2019. They are: Clay Dockery, Massimo Zanetti Beverage USA; Jo Osborn, Bay Valley Foods; Bill McKee, Simmons Pet Food; Michael Yacullo, Perrigo Company; and Kevin O'Flaherty, ASO, LLC.

Gary Petersen, Red Gold, and Chris Andersen, Edgewell Personal Care Private Brands Group, were elected to complete two unexpired terms ending in 2018. Roland Hernandez, Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, and Evan Dobkins, Old Dutch Mustard Co., were elected to complete unexpired terms ending 2017.

Elected to serve as broker member on the Board of Directors was Jim Shuster, The Shuster Group, Inc., while Bill Symrise was elected to serve as supplier member.

Continuing members of the PLMA Board of Directors include: Linda Lee, C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc; Dan Muller, Merisant; Kevin Kollach, Gehl Foods; Kent Dell, ADM Cocoa; Tom Ewing, T. Marzetti Co.; and Roy Eliasen, Mizkan Americas, Inc.

Former Chairman Howard Kirschenbaum, Trinity Plastics continues to serve ex-officio as a member of the board, and Arthur Handler, Auther M. Hanler Law Offices, LLC, continues as General Counsel.


Rise and fall of the mass market was theme of PLMA March Conference

Strategies examined for a world where many familiar brands have lost their luster

NEW YORK - Amid speculation in marketing and financial circles that many iconic household brands could see their fortunes fade, ďThe Rise and Fall of the Mass MarketĒ was the central theme for PLMAís 2016 Annual Meeting & Leadership Conference, March 17-20 in Miami.

The conference explored what the decline of mass marketing portends for major brands, the retailers who sell them, and for retailersí own brands, as an ever more diversified tide of well-informed, connected consumers come to expect unprecedented levels of personalization, flexibility and dis-intermediation when purchasing products as well as services.

Wall Street analyst Ali Dibadj of Bernstein research opened the program with a critical assessment of some of the marketing giants that dominated U.S. retailing for most of the last century. Author and demographer Peter Francese, founder and publisher of the highly influential magazine American Demographics Ė now a part of Advertising Age Ė validated that mass marketing is losing relevance, as the middle-class family portrait of mom, dad and 2.5 offspring has fallen to fewer than 20% of all households.

Jim Hertel, Executive Vice President of Willard Bishop, a inmar company, examined how the rise of fall of the mass market has been reshaping the contours of retailing, and the strategic steps that some of todayís major retail companies are taking in order to position themselves to succeed in a rapidly changing consumer marketplace.

PLMAís ďMeet the RetailersĒ series also returned focusing on BJís Wholesale Club, with a special presentation by Peter Poutre, BJís Senior Vice President of Grocery and Perishables, and David Atkins, BJís Vice President Own Brands.

Matt Nitzberg, the founder of Value for Growth, LLC, and former global client strategy and capability leader for Dunnhumby, concluded the program with a special workshop on ďBig Data & Private Label Business.Ē

PLMAís Annual Meeting and Leadership Conference provides an opportunity for private label executives from manufacturing companies to come together with their industry peers and trade partners for the purpose of examining the latest trends and exploring strategies for achieving store brand success.


PLMA launches
PLMA Live in Europe.

Video news and information for the international private label industry
will be available in five languages.

NEW YORK ― If you want to know what is happening in retailing and private label in Europe, then should be your first stop.

The program, entitled ďThe World of Private Label Today,Ē is available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. The online video news program is written and produced in Amsterdam and edited in New York. The series is hosted by Judith Kolenburg and Edgar Elzerman, and will be distributed monthly.

Edgar Elzerman, a retail and private brand consultant, was formerly vice president for Ahold own brands, having served with the company from 1994 through 2013, including positions as director of business development and as senior director for global projects. Judith Kolenburg was formerly director for PLMA International offices in Amsterdam before becoming PLMA administrator for special projects, where she continues to lead research services.

PLMAís World of Private Label Today focuses on major industry headlines, such as the merger of retailers Ahold and Delhaize Group. Another regular feature is analysis of markets across Europe where private label may be poised to grow.

†††††Editors' note: †††††Follow links below to view PLMA Live Europe in your language of choice.
†††††Italian: †††††
†††††German: †††††
†††††Spanish: †††††
†††††French: †††††
†††††English: †††††

ďThe creation of reflects important trends taking place in retailing in Europe,Ē explained PLMA president Brian Sharoff. ďWe are seeing many well-known supermarkets joining together in buying alliances. We are seeing significant cross-border expansion by discounters, like Aldi and Lidl. At the same time, we are seeing large retailers withdrawing from emerging markets and concentrating their efforts inside their home countries. It is a dynamic situation which will have its impact sooner or later on U.S. retailing.Ē

PLMA Live was started in the U.S. in 2011 to offer industry news programming online via video streaming at The monthly content includes the main Newsdesk, as well as individual reports by industry commentators like Brad Edmondson, former editor of American Demographics; Christopher Durham, founder of My Private Brand, and Dr. Kantha Shelke, who covers science and technology.

The staff includes Robert Vosburgh, formerly with Supermarket News, who is PLMA Live News Director. Len Lewis, Roy White and David Merrefield are contributing editors. Tim Simmons, Vice President/Communications at PLMA, hosts his own monthly interview program and oversees content and production. Sonia Petrocelli is the series producer. Jodi Daley and PLMA president Brian Sharoff are co-anchors of the U.S. Newsdesk.


For additional information on the growth of store brands or to schedule an interview with PLMA President Brian Sharoff, contact PLMAís press representative at (212) 972-3131, or email


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