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Renewal Request

My company would like to renew our exhibit space for 2013.

My company would like to increase our exhibit space for 2013.

My company would like more information about PLMA's new Sky Hall.

Number of Units Desired


1 Unit (10' X 10')
2 Units (10' X 20')
3 Units (10' X 30')
4 Units (10' X 40')
4-Unit Island (20' X 20')
6-Unit Island (20' X 30')
8-Unit Island (20' X 40')
10-Unit Island (20' X 50')
Larger than 10-units

Deadlines and Conditions

All renewal forms must be filed by January 11, 2013. Contracts for exhibit space will be sent to exhibitors by February 4, 2013. Renewals of exhibit space is subject to submission of completed contract and payment in full in accordance with show deadlines. Final floor assignments may be subject to changes in show floor design. Exhibitors may not sublet, resell or permit the use of any part of their exhibit space by any other company or individual.